RESISTANCE Trailer (2020)

RESISTANCE Trailer (2020)

First trailer for Resistance starring Jesse Eisenberg

Download RESISTANCE Trailer (2020) from here:



    The comments here serve as a reminder in what of an ignorant and sad world we live in. Maybe its just the YouTube crowd, you should do less gaming and a bit more reading. It will serve you well.

  2. Looks good, but I am allways a bit disappointed when germans speaks english and frenchman speaks english. Please when you make your next war movie, let them speak there own language. It is more real then.

  3. Incredible film!! Not the biggest mega budget as many other big movies.. but several of these actors actually deserves an Oscar for this one and telling the story of Marcel the mime!!!❤ we will never forget❤🙏

  4. Jesse Eisenberg did an amazing job in bringing to life the courage and creativity of Marcel Marceau and his role during the French Resistance. Top marks. Absolutely worth the viewing.

  5. Jewish people are the only ones that had a hard time in the first half of the previous century. We need to be reminded of this every few months with an expensive piece of propaganda. Thank you Hollywood.

  6. I'm sick and tired of NAZI movies, why they continues to refresh and bring this nightmares events day after day? I guess Hollywood are full of them from Directors to Camera man, Editors, DP, Producers, Screen Writers…

  7. I can see that everyone's ripping into Jesse Eisenberg and not giving the story a chance. Truth be told, he's a damn good actor and you're all trying to be cool by throwing shade & agreeing with the status quo.

  8. Just reinforcing the lie, hoping the masses don't question the narrative.
    Unlucky small hats, what you are doing to the west will not go unpunished.
    Media is failing and the anti white agenda is failing. What will you do when the crosshair is on you?

  9. Dude, whoever's got the cash to make this same story into a movie OVER AND OVER AGAIN, just HAND IT OVER to me. I've got original stories, so many, to make into great movies.

  10. I'm going to say it: this actor (Jessie Einsenberg) was terrible in Batman V. Superman.
    But that was just a bad movie-at least in my humble opinion and he was good in The Social Network so I'm willing to give him a second chance. Maybe going back to a more grounded, realistic and dare I even say 'highbrow" movie will be good for him.

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