RETALIATION Trailer (2020)

RETALIATION Trailer (2020)

First trailer for Retaliation

Download RETALIATION Trailer (2020) from here:


  1. So he is angry the church was destroyed? Plus churches dont really get done in that way. Any furniture and idols are removed and it is usually just left abandoned. If there is something structural wrong with it, it can be demolished but they would not be smashing up confessionals and pews and shit. They can be scrapped but most are not.

  2. Oh look, a proper trailer that does enough to get you interested in the film with just enough tidbits without giving away the whole plot. I thought people had forgotten how to do those types of trailers.

  3. This movie is long-awaited; it was filmed and scheduled for release in 2017/2018, under the working title "Romans". Glad to see it finally getting cinematic release, at least, I hope. Amazing performance by Bloom, will change your view of every film he's done.

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