RISING PHOENIX tells the extraordinary story of the Paralympic Games. From the rubble of World War II to the third biggest sporting event on the planet, the Paralympics sparked a global movement which continues to change the way the world thinks about disability, diversity & human potential.

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Song written and performed by Toni Hickman, Georgetragic, Keith Jones and Daniel Pemberton. Published by Alika’s Publishing, Doman Development, Copyright Control and Moncus St Music / Peer Music.

Official “Rising Phoenix ” Lyrics:

Verse 1 (Performed by georgetragic) – There’s a young boy / walking through obstacles / Cut up from all the surgeries / Prosthetic picture perjury / Telling me, I’m normal / But normal, they never really made me seem / They always painted me / Discriminated but levitated through all the hated scenes / so I redrew how they made me seem / But that’s what you feel around vultures and all the fatal schemes / They wanna label me a crippled, that’s the way it seems / Take away my right to pursue a normal life and lead

Verse 2 (Performed by Toni Hickman): Indeed/ for me/ I must proceed and shine bright like the sun / even though I know the darkness will come/ it’s all temporary/ I can be legendary/ ’cause I will never stop believing in me/ it doesn’t matter what you think I should be / see I am what I am / I’m the truth / I’m disabled / I’m amazing understand / don’t you ever under-rate me see I got a second chance / and I choose to be the greatest in whatever the plan is /

Breakdown (Performed by Toni + georgetragic) – On my life right/ I ignite like/ a ka-boom when I step in the room / so please don’t get distracted / yes my limbs are fractured / still I rise from the ashes.

Chorus (Performed by Toni Hickman) I’m a rising phoenix / I’ll rise above you / I’m a rising phoenix / I’ll rise above you

Verse 3 (Performed by Keith Jones)- On ya mark get set /da pistol pops / I’m out da blocks / hit da ground runnin / no legs they dazed / form of human been born to do it / dats why i be so smooth / while i do it from lead position / watch how we keep it movin / usin ya lack of intuition / presumin my condition / predicts fez limits bs / I arrive they arise / transform eyes to the sky / as ashes fall while the phoenix rise

Verse 4 (Performed by georgetragic) – Lead with example and do everything in life I see / a simple thing like riding a bike, We are alike; how is that? Enlighten me / there’s so much fight in me / cause my superpower; it makes me different there’s light in me! / Wait, how many obstacles I gotta break? / How many fights I gotta face? / Just to make you feel my fate / I shake, then I breakdown yeah / Then I take all the weight down
Chorus (Performed by Toni Hickman) I’m a rising phoenix / I’ll rise above you / I’m a rising phoenix / I’ll rise above you

Verse 5 (Performed by Toni Hickman): People make fun of what they don’t understand/ Look at me ‘cause I’m different and can’t do what they can/ but belittle me you won’t/ because I am what I am/ I am amazing/ a different pill in which your brain cannot cram/ I’m different/ Often inspired by pain/ inflicted by the inhumane/ with hearts as black as the grain/ My disability is silent/ but my bottled up rage/ got me running from my dreams 100 miles with one leg/ So how dare you/ try to remind me/ that I don’t fit into your perception/ How dare you/ define me/ I’m beyond what you see as perfection.

Chorus (Performed by Toni Hickman) I’m a rising phoenix / I’ll rise above you / I’m a rising phoenix / I’ll rise above you

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Elite athletes and insiders reflect on the Paralympic Games and examine how they impact a global understanding of disability, diversity and excellence.

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    It's Netflix's fault for advertising it wrong, and now this director is getting death threats because people got the wrong info. The movie itself isn't bad, and is actually shedding light on the issue. Stop calling for the deletion of the movie and instead shame the streaming service itself for its disrespectful advertisement.

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