ROGUE Official Trailer (2020) Megan Fox Movie

ROGUE Official Trailer (2020) Megan Fox Movie

First trailer for Rogue starring Megan Fox.

Download ROGUE Official Trailer (2020) Megan Fox Movie from here:


  1. Wow!! Someone really believes that fox can bring in an audience( to make big money) because shes good looking …. sadly mistaken,,,,,I get it,,shes pretty,,yeah,,yeah,,,,,,but she cant act,,,,,,,I can look at good looking woman all day for free,,,,but I'm not going to pay for it,,,,,,,,I say boooo to this movie

  2. So we have the lead character as female , then the killer lion is female and another lead role character saying "the true Killer is female" Soooo another Feminist pushed agenda. BTW 2 man eaters (Male Lions ) killed many people in Tsavo between March and December 1898. Their hides are still in Field Museum of Natural History. Go watch "Ghost in the darkness" it really happened.

  3. C'mon.. all commenters.. don't be haters… just watch this movie, enjoy it… At least you're not gonna killed by corona virus in 2020.. appreciate your life

  4. There was already a movie called ''Rogue'' in 2007 with a alligator in it. What is this? Is it a straight to DVD or theaters first? Or in this case, straight to DVD or On Demand first?

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