SCORN Trailer 4K (2021)

SCORN Trailer 4K (2021)

SCORN Trailer 4K (2021) Video Game HD
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  1. I was kind of hoping Prometheus had been something like this. A journey into a fully-realised Giger universe full of grotesque imagery and disturbing experiments on the crew by the engineers.

  2. Nice but as all things coming from Serbia, I am afraid if the team will manage to pull it of. They are obviously very motivated and talented, however, I am afraid if they become forced to make cuts in the development and all this hype expectations might crumble resulting in disappointment of players.

  3. Alright, im prepared. This game wont hand me a straight forward story or a way to go, Il have to figure this all out on my own. I have to figure out how these things work, how this technology works in order to understand the buildings, the statues the creatures, and when I do that, then the story will start to come togheter dark souls style and Il have to find all the secrets as well and look at backgrounds and scenery and scrutinize why and what and yupp, this is my game. No need for text, just, let me think deeply about it. Im gonna love this.

  4. Yes, it's not dead! I thought this game died in development hell, since we haven't seen anything new from it in like forever. lol I was still in high school when it was originally announced, now i'm in community college 😭.
    I cant wait to see newer gameplay. Today was the perfect time to show off new gameplay, but Microsoft loves their teaser trailers and decided not to show us any gameplay for this at all 😒.

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