SKYLIN3S Trailer (2020) | SKYLINE 3 sequel | Sci-Fi Movie Lindsey Morgan

SKYLIN3S Trailer (2020) | SKYLINE 3 sequel | Sci-Fi Movie Lindsey Morgan

Enjoy the official trailer for the third and final chapter in the sci-fi action trilogy Skyline. In Skyline (2010) the alien invasion began. In Beyond Skyline (2017) the earth fought back. And now this Skylin3s, or Skyline 3, sequel brings human’s last and best commando to Cobalt 1, the aliens’ home planet.

Lead actress the gorgeous Lindsey Morgan aka Raven Reyes from “The 100”.

Scheduled to be released on December 8, 2020 by Vertical Entertainment.
Directed by Liam O’Donnell.

Lindsey Morgan as Rose Corley
Rhona Mitra as Dr. Mal
Alexander Siddig as General Radford
James Cosmo as Grant
Daniel Bernhardt as Owens
Yayan Ruhian as Huana
Jonathan Howard as Leon

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  1. Just so I'm clear. Somehow, presumably after a bitter struggle, we've now been able forge a peace which has lasted for 5 years. It's killed >50% of the human population, and the alien invasion force looks shattered, but that is potentially a good result considering our technological inferiority.

    It's then decided to simply pick up one of their ships and go to their planet with a small tactical squad, for payback, or something? Like why? What are you seriously hoping to achieve? Aren't you concerned word will get back to the millions of aliens now on Earth and abiding by the peace, who might be a tad pissed at you breaking the truce in such a way? Why are there aliens on the ship? Maybe "traitors"… Might be interesting. But why can't they fly the ships?

    Fine… maybe the aliens on Earth have decided and have good reason to restart the war, and we're seeing a couple of reluctant's in the trailer , but if you are serious about striking a significant blow, you have somehow got hold of an intersteller / intergalactic spaceship. Literally, just fly it as fast as it'll go into the planet. Even if there's no fusion/antimatter/blackhole drive on board, that is a mass driver travelling as multiples the speed of light. The ship is a fecking weapon of mass destruction, easily capable of wiping out life on a planet for many years.

    But I still hate it. Even if that's their home world, this is an interstellar species. You really think they don't have at least dozens of our worlds colonised? They could potentially have thousands of planets and trillions of members. Maybe you strike a real blow to their morale, manufacturing, or other, and yea, it may hurt them a tad. But now you can kiss any peace goodbye, and you are about to be so overwhelmed by an enemy never more focused on killing you. Also, I'm not clear how it does anything to stop the aliens on Earth attacking the humans?

    It's just so stupid. Maybe the trailer isn't sharing a McGuffin, but I'm not convinced. Like I'm not always watching these movies for amazing stories. But it has to make a tiny smidge of sense, and honestly I can't find any here. I'm irrationally infuriated lol, I don't know why. Just come on, that's the best story you could think of?

    EDIT: Maybe it's seeing Alexandar Soddig, from the largely awesome DS9 (especially the Dominion War Arch), used in such a way. Or Lindsey Morgan from the not terrible The 100. I'm not sure. But we've got to do better. Maybe that's why I'm so annoyed, wasted potential.

  2. Lindsey Morgan rocks in The 100. Looking forward to the latest movie in the Skyline trilogy, indie scifi films have often been surprisingly great this year (Vivarium and Love & Monsters come to mind, Spontaneous too even if it's a teen dramedy at core).

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