Snowpiercer | Official Trailer | Netflix

Snowpiercer | Official Trailer | Netflix

Attention all passengers, Mr. Wilford would like to address the rumors of disturbances in the tail. Let me assure you, your security is our highest priority. Order will be restored.


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Snowpiercer | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Earth’s remaining inhabitants are confined to a single train circling the globe as revolution brews among the class-divided cars.

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  1. The premise of this show is absurd:
    (SPOILERS) Why was it better to build this 'ark' as a moving train, with limited space and resources, instead of a stationary community anywhere in the world? Why does the train need to keep moving? How does the train keep moving? The energy requirements such as fuel and spare parts for maintenance to keep it moving are conveniently ignored.

    How come everyone, except for one person, is stupid enough not to figure out that Wilford does not exist? Why was the social structure of the train designed as an authoritarian State based on class exclusion, a system that has failed catastrophically all along the history of humankind? Why are the first and second class cars clean but the third and tail ones look like Siberian prisons during WWII? The first thing that would happen is that the residents would do anything to keep them ordered.

    Why is the world still frozen? For it to keep frozen there would need to be no contact with solar radiation, but every time the landscape is shown during the day it's clear, blue skies and sunny. The temperature would keep rising and there's no way temperatures could reach -100º everywhere on Earth for long, even if we accept the ridiculous claim that humans somehow were the ones who did this.

  2. Alright so for everyone complaining they're remaking the movie, the series is moreso a complete reboot with a new storyline and focuses on new themes. Changes include (MAJOR spoilers for the entire season below):
    – The story centers around a former detective on the tail end who is sent uptrain to investigate a murder case
    – Rather than split between tail end and upper class, distinctions between tail, third class, second class and first class are a lot more focused on and play a major part in the storyline
    – There's a lot more focus on the people running the train too. Mr Wilford isn't actually on the train like in the movie
    – There is still a revolution, but there's a lot more politics involved rather than tail straight up fighting their way forward. There's also dissatisfaction across the train with a coup even done by first class at one point
    – The revolution is actually successful and the tail take charge. There's nothing about children running the engines or anything like that. The train doesn't derail in the end and theres no character like namgoong.
    – There's a second train that's been running parallel to snowpiercer. And its gonna have a significant role in season 2

    It's definitely taken inspiration from parts of the movie. Visually for example there's a lot of similarities. But it also has some things from the original French comic and a lot of its own stuff to make a completely new story.

    Personally I'm very excited for season 2 which looks to be going in an all new direction storywise completely different from anything the film did.

  3. I know netflix is progressive and all, but the dreads on Andre really ruined it for me. You're telling me that a tail passenger could have perfectly maintained dreads after a decade?

    Nice hair could be believable for first class passengers, but not the ones in the near. Shaved heads would have made it more realistic imo.

  4. The marketing by TNT maybe wasnt too great, it felt more like an ordinary copy of the action sci fi thriller from 2013 with not too much new and in depth interesting elements, but once you have started the series, I promise you, you will not be dissapointed.

    Every little spot does not get passed on without having an incredible in depth meaning and or backstory. There are alot of really cool and little things that will make you go like; "Oh wow, thats really cool" etc etc. After the (I must say) pretty interesting Murder investigation episodes, (Which are IMO very much needed for the long and stretched out build up) it just gets better and better. Try to think beside the whole idea of doing a series from an older movie and that it would be boring… Cause if you watch it, and just fully go for it I promise your ignorance of thinking you know it all already, will be crushed to bits. As many already said, its wayyy better in reality then some people thought after watching the trailers and marketing ads. It has been my favourite show ever since I watched the First Episode. It just really drags you into this dystopian world that is portrayed on screen, makes you connect emotionally to the characters you differ the least from and boy… do the emotions feel strong. There are some bland moments here and there, but just a calm between isnt always a bad idea. Especially here since the pacing of every episode is done very, very great. For me, episode 7 has been really REALLY intense. Just as soon as you start to really understand whats going on, and start to settle your own way in the world of Snowpiercer 2020, just alot of crazy stuff happens. And for the first time in any series I watched, I really held by breath for a few minutes there. And you just feel exactly the same way as the characters do. You just get thrown into this alternative real world where you as a spectator just watch everything just either rebuild itself or fall apart. One of its almost perfect elements it implemented is its character build up. You really get to know the main characters minimally well enough as you run through the episodes. And that includes the connection between these characters. You really get to see how unbelievably human everyone actually still is besides there self portrayed charactaristics. And how emotions, feelings and your mind can really quickly or hardly change someones state of being, and or who to follow/believe. And it is, very interesting. It does not for as most likely take place on the same world of the 2013 Movie. Its an alternate take, just inspired by and done in the world of Snowpiercer 2013. So you can really just start this series with an open empty book, and let this story write itself a new. So you dont have to worry about what happened in the movie for as far as we know, is not canon here. Please, just enjoy this in depth series and see them as a really interesting and fresh take on a story based on the world of Snowpiercer 2013. The Acting is amazing, the writing is highly solidly above average and the music used sounds incredibly and strangely fitting. It really knows what its doing, you just have to trust the series. Great things are coming ahead.

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