SOUL Trailer (Extended) 2020

SOUL Trailer (Extended) 2020

Extended trailer for Soul

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  1. If this is just blue people I will die myself
    Can we just have a animation that’s targeted at an older audience? I know you can do that Pixar, but lately you’ve been falling into the same trap other companies have

  2. They need to stop turning characters into blobs or other forms… like I love his design and I loved tiana’s design, but nope… I also like jazz and it’s history with the African American community… I just want more of that not inside out with death

  3. This looks like it actually still might be another ratatouille despite the blue people because it looks like they might have a plot based around him having that other spirit in his body as well so it might have something to do with either trying to play music with that spirit in his body or trying to convince that spirit about the joys of life with music

  4. Why can’t animated movies just have a POC character, like I understand why people don’t like identity politics or whatever, but it looked solid and then, he is a blue blob.

  5. As a piano player for the past couple years and an absolute lover of Jazz, classical and the like I was so excited for what looked like a love letter to music (a la Your Lie in April) – then my heart sank when it shifted into a philosophical introspection of the soul and life.

    To be fair, I would love to see animated movies from Disney talking about both of these, but I was so hopeful to have a ratatouille type of film for the music world.

    Lastly, I’m afraid this movie is going to be like the latter two third of Up as opposed to the first third of it – it looks like it’s potentially going to have some serious tone issues that may derided the emotional impact of the story. It all depends on how well the writing is but having a gag where Tina Fey’s character slaps Jamie Foxx’s repeatedly next to big questions on the philosophy of existence makes me doubt if they can pull it off.

    Ultimately, I think serious issues are best handled a little more seriously, even if that means it’s not for young children. I’d rather have a PG-13 movie that seriously provokes thought on the issues than a PG movie that will likely oversimplify and make shallow such deep discussions.

  6. Those few precious seconds when you think Pixar might be making something like Ratatouille again, before the main character turns blue and you realize what the movie is actually going to be about.

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