Space Force | Official Trailer | Netflix

Space Force | Official Trailer | Netflix

Space is…hard. From the crew who brought you The Office, Space Force premieres May 29 only on Netflix.


About Netflix:
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Space Force | Official Trailer | Netflix

A four-star general begrudgingly teams up with an eccentric scientist to get the U.S. military’s newest agency — Space Force — ready for lift-off.

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  1. Lots of big names from comedy. Too bad it seems that they didnt have any money left over for decent writers.

    Made it half way through the first episode and then gave up waiting on it to start being funny. Disappointing I was looking forward to this show.

  2. : Battle of the Planets! G-Force, five incredible young people with superpowers! And watching over them from Centre Neptune, 7-Zark-7! Watching, warning against surprise attacks by alien galaxies from beyond space. G-Force! Fearless young orphans, protecting Earth's entire galaxy. Always five, acting as one. Dedicated! Inseparable! Invincible!

  3. Not may tRumpsters realise this is making fun of the orange buffoons Space Force brain wave. But then they also think All In The Family was a right wing show…. too dumb to realise Archie Bunker was a parody of them. LOL

  4. The “Angry Young Congress Woman” really reinforces an very ignorant stereotype. Totally unnecessary and not even funny. Just blatantly mean spirited jab at a real life young woman (a hero to many) out there working hard to do her job.

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