SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME "Electro with Iron Man's Arc Reactor" Trailer (NEW 2021)

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME "Electro with Iron Man's Arc Reactor" Trailer (NEW 2021)

SPIDER-MAN: NO WAY HOME “Electro with Iron Man’s Arc Reactor” Trailer (NEW 2021) Jamie Foxx, Spider-Man VS Electro, Marvel Superhero Movie HD
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  1. In short retrospective here we go all enemy's from past spider man is here let's just use our brains nor going to show Toby and past spiderman cause it would spoil movie calling It now and everyone remember this doc strange is going this no open portals to where these enemy's are from and cause the original spider man and amazing spider man to come help fight and take them back to their world goin to be A banger but just saying if Toby isn't in this you have lost a fan he is the only spiderman in my eyes

  2. Like in far from home , he knew mysterio for day and he lost the glasses n gave it up to beck like bruhhhh wat more proof do u need on tht it’s lazy writing n pretty much stupid, n aunt May went from worrying n supporting like that’s not realistic or believable at all n u the audience have voice but u still say that’s best Spider-Man or best Spider-Man film like don’t lie now , that shit trash n stupid

  3. I like how ppl giving this movie soo much hype even tho no one has seen it yet but no one will be truthful if it sucks cause their mcu fans n if your Spider-Man fans then u know sum scenes are gonna be cringe , if u guys didn’t know go under the name of Spider-Man home coming n far from home is under comedy & fantasy , point is they introduce spider into civil war cuz it was opportunity n they wanted make money off the character but didn’t put effort cuz they wanted do it for the money and those same directors n writers making Spider-Man look like a fool , if u hadn’t notice Spider-Man character is more campy then serious n makes more jokes then serious moments and if your paying attention, Peter n mj never went out or asked eachout out n that’s the same thing with the first girl in homecoming, they just had a crush for each other but u can tell the writing was lazy n he was in irons shadow, basically another iron man movie , seems like they can’t really make good movie without flops n I don’t mean when us as audience choosing the flops , I mean actually campy moments or or scenes that r stupid

  4. I realised that the whole sky thing "They are coming through and I can't stop them" is actually the spidermen. That scene is so intense, we anticipate more villains but we gonna get an opposite of that.

  5. Why was Zendaya chosen for this? Kirsten Dunst, Emma Stone, even Bryce Dallas as Gwen Stacey,. All beautiful and talented actresses and Disney, of course, it wasn't Sony's decision or was Disney's, hires her. She has no remarkable screen presence or charisma, especially co-starring with the much more talented Holland. Why did they choose someone from a kiddie Disney sitcom. They wonder why this series of films is not really as eagerly anticipated. The other actresses we're almost right out of the comic books in their portrayals. Who is her character again, is she MJ or someone who's a composite of various spiderman, women? At least they could have hired a much prettier latina actress. Between this and the non organic, AI suit with that Iron Spider crap coming out of him, second worst Spiderman series. If it wasn't for Holland's performance and watching Aunt Marissa May Tomei, couldn't care less. When Keaton's vulture was teased to return at the end of part one and then, nutin. Plus Tony Stark's deceased, I thought who cares!!!! Disney is buying into this series more and more until they completely own and then ruin it. It's kind of cool that Tobey is back because let's face it, he and Raimi's Spiderman is the GOAT. I don't care if some of the effects seemed dated to millennials and Gen Z. I hate Disney but at least the vulture might be prevalent again in Morbius. I have a feeling Leto wil leave Joker way in the dust with that one.

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