Start Streaming Friday | Mulan Special Look | Disney+

Start Streaming Friday | Mulan Special Look | Disney+

Start streaming Disney’s #Mulan this Friday exclusively on #DisneyPlus with Premier Access. For more info:

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  2. Okay everyone. Who wins in a battle of swords and skills among Disney warrior women? Rey (from Star Wars) or Mulan 2020. In my opinion, if Rey uses her Force powers she could win, but Milan's sword skills could beat Rey

  3. Some reviews says the action scenes are amazing and pretty epic, but why this scene looks so cheap? And I agree to those who said that the editing is so bland as we see from this trailer. And the slow motion scene? It looks so cheesy.. But I'll still wait for this in theaters 'cause there is no Disney+ here in our country

  4. Liu actually sustained a minor injury while performing this scene, and told EW it was the toughest stunt of the numerous ones she executed in the film (she performed about 90 percent of her own stunts). "It’s against gravity, so you have to learn how to walk," Liu says. "It’s not like you can just naturally walk or run. You have to knee-slide, and then with all the beams on the wall, I actually hit one of the beams. Thank God I had knee pads on — the hard-shell ones — because when I did the knee-slide I went too far. I smashed into the beam on the wall."
    Despite the accident, Liu powered through the scene. "They didnt get the shot and they said maybe we should save it for tomorrow," she recalls. "But I felt like if I waited until tomorrow, I didnt know if I could still do it. The bruise always comes afterwards. I iced it, we came back, and we got the shot."

  5. i dont understand why they still love using slow motion like freaking resident evil movie, i really love mulan this movie actually but slow motion part just look so disgusting 😔

  6. Running on walls is a legit Martial Arts concept that is practiced. It's called Qing Gong. It's not that far-fetched. Shapeshifting witches and Phoenixes (aka the Fenghuang) are also part of Chinese folklore, mythology, and a number of legends; still less far-fetched than Mushu. Do you know what's not in Chinese mythology? A tiny, clumsy, goofy, mistake-making lizard-dragon who is voiced by an African American man (who i love don't get me wrong), who's sole purpose in the movie is the comedic relief. That's *not* realistic. Qing Gong, Shapeshifting, and Fenghuangs are all realistic in Chinese sense since they were part of their legends.

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