SWEETNESS IN THE BELLY Trailer (2020) Dakota Fanning Drama Movie

SWEETNESS IN THE BELLY Trailer (2020) Dakota Fanning Drama Movie

SWEETNESS IN THE BELLY Trailer (2020) Dakota Fanning, Kunal Nayyar, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Drama Movie
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  1. I have watched this movie three times and I still love it. The main actress acting was incredible. I am a dark skin man and I honestly this whole crap about them using a white woman is just stupid. Instead I saw a human being bring this character to life.

  2. I see the comments and still think this will be a powerful movie. Sometimes that one familiar thing like having a famous actress will help people at least get a taste of what is out there in this world. Better than them never choosing to watch at all. They know ethiopians will watch either way

  3. Just sth i know, ethiopian are i guess have one of the most beautiful features in Africa. Their features are different from subsaharian africans. I hope there ll be more films talking about this part of the world, the habasha land, and those pple who were soooo Marginalized even they have veryyy beautiful culture. I m not from there but wish i can visit one day 😍

  4. It's terrible that Dakota is getting hit hard by so many people. I really enjoyed the movie and ALL the actors & actresses. Dakota Fanning did an amazing job and I ain't white. In this movie, the only thing i saw, was great acting!

  5. I loved this movie from the beginning till the end. Great acting! Heartbreaking and very realistic to what I can imagine refugees are put up going through in their fight against freedom.

  6. Being an african and having been around Ethiopians and being in the country twice, trust me none of those actors look like them or sound like the! I hate when Hollywood does that! Find any black actors That can fake the worst “african” accent possible! And ohhh white savior again, African history has amazing hero’s who fought for us! Not this Hollywood!

  7. I thought this was a great movie but its the same concept. Hollywood always pushing a white woman and black man together. I rather see a fully black family on the big screen for once. Pass

  8. Wow.. a white girl in a hijab..I feel like I'm the only white girl in a hijab in my area.. in a way I feel like I can relate to this girl. Looks like an interesting film, however.. those accents are so seemly fake. But I know they tried xd ha, best wishes to them x

    Also I'm unsure how this is a white savior movie as some say in the comments, she doesn't look like a white knight in shining armor for the Ethiopians, she looks like she's trying to get by, but that's only my view of the trailer, I don't know the movie.

  9. Those are not Ehiopian People. One of the most distinct faces Ethiopian People have , they've the mixture of Sub-Saharan african face and Indo Arayan faces . Literally I'm not Ethiopian but Ethiopian faces are literally different from other African countries , because that's the place where other human races got their start from . I'm not an archaeologist but I'm so fascinated by Ethiopia , I would love to visit that place one day.

  10. Love the effort, but this was really cringy at times. It didn't make sense that she's very well aware of islamic teachings, but would pray with her hair showing and wear hidjab while showing her legs. Also, if she was left at 7 in Morocco, her Arabic should've been fluent en not her English (talking from experience). Also, the "Ethiopian" accent was so forced that it was uncomfortable to watch ufff but like I said, loved the effort and Dakota is still a great actress

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