TESLA Trailer (2020)

TESLA Trailer (2020)

TESLA Trailer (2020) Ethan Hawke, Hannah Gross, Biopic
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  1. Science proof fact 😑 (recorded data documents): For the mind to work with only 2 hour's of sleep, keep a light meat diet & no fornication what so ever … so Tesla was a genius but a Virgin 😑 (so marketing brand money idea but NO real matter)!
    Yes 4 the Man & No 4 the Movie.

  2. Hold up hold up they have this hint at romance crap but no hint of aliens in anyway? What crap is that?!? I have been waiting for this since ever and now we get it but they go and crap all over it.
    For those of you that say but you're wrong there where no aliens.
    Yes yes there where he said so. Tesla never hid it, he admited it. They would go into his dreams and give him the ideas. At least that is what he would say and thus has to be included if not, then it is not an accurate potrayal of Teslas life.

  3. no matter how the movie gonna directed it will be forever a Science, Engineer, Technologies lovers favorite movie. because this movie have an Emotion and the emotion is ' NIKOLA TESLA '

  4. Bout damn time a movie was made about this great maninstead of being a name mentioned or maybe a figure would appear as Tesla as a cameo it's about 10 damn time the movie was made about this great man thank u Nikola Tesla

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