THE BLACK PHONE Trailer (2022) Ethan Hawke

THE BLACK PHONE Trailer (2022) Ethan Hawke

THE BLACK PHONE Trailer (2022) Ethan Hawke, Blumhouse Horror Movie HD
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  1. Read the short story. So it would not be interesting. They just added more kid victim voices. And bring in the sister as a more major character . Story was meh. The poster looks more intetesting . Does not look like it's in the movie.

  2. Think the trailers are sending viewers down 2 different directions…the lovely bones or prisoners…what's your pick? Bones to me was way too draggy and couldn't really balance the afterlife premises with reality…still a good movie though

  3. Looks like a great horror thriller the black phone Ethan Hawke playing the bad guy with a great creppy mask looks interesting for a horror thriller coming out next year in February the raincoat with the kid had a similar scene from it chapter 1

  4. "Remember, you must NOT show major plot scenes in the trailer."
    "Roger that."
    "You sure?"
    "Yeah. Do you think we're stupid or what?"
    "Ok ok. Just do it right."
    "It's alright. We got this."

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