THE BOY 2 Trailer (2020)

THE BOY 2 Trailer (2020)

First trailer for Brahms: The Boy 2

Download THE BOY 2 Trailer (2020) from here:


  1. The ending of the first film was different. The boy in the movie didn't die . I thought the second part will be like death of that boy and here the doll is same but the story is different.🙄🙄

  2. I haven't watched this movie yet but looking at the comments here i believe it's about the doll being posessed? For y'all saying that this is the prequel, i don't think it makes sense, i mean the real brahms story when he was a child was told in the first film, right? It doesn't match does it? I mean idk shouldn't the technology become older if it was brahms's childhood? If it is the prequel then brahms should've stalked the woman in the first film through camera or sumn


    about the ppl who didnt watch the movie and didnt know what happened to brahms… actually he killed his self .. the one who was reparing his doll was a man named joseph i think and he is the neighbor of the brahms family and he knows everything about the doll .. the guy who comes out of the mirror died by suicide and the police came to the house and saw the tragety and brahms possesed the doll after he died..

    that all what i wanted to say for the curious ppl and it not my problem if you didnt read the spoiler alert

  4. The girl in the first movie tried to frighten the boy’s Brahms .. And the mother in the second movie also tried to frighten the boy .. And in both films I was the one who was afraid and terrified. 😂😂

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