THE BOYS Season 3 Teaser Trailer (2022)

THE BOYS Season 3 Teaser Trailer (2022)

THE BOYS Season 3 Teaser Trailer (2022) Homelander
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  1. Wtf, I used to buy Liquid Death water all the time and brought it to parties to piss people off 😂😂 I thought this was supposed to be a fake universe, so how tf does Liquid Death exist in The Boys universe?? Lmfao

  2. I loved Antony Starr in Banshee, I always thought he would make a good Batman because of Banshee.
    But after seeing him in The Boys as Homelander he definitely makes a Dam good Evil Superman.
    WB / DC needs to make a Live Action Crime Syndicate Of America Movie and cast Antony Starr as Ultraman 🤓

  3. Ok – everyone here is talking about Homelander and blah blah blah NO ONE HAS MENTIONED the absolutely incredible Liquid Death advertisement done by The Deep!? The meta-commentary on advertising, celebrities, and environmentalism here is fucking mind blowing and absolutely hilarious. AND EVEN FUNNIER that is ACTUALLY sponsored by Liquid Death. Holy fuck that is incredible. This show is a fucking masterpiece and I cannot wait for season 3.

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