THE BOYS "The Deep" Teaser (2021)

THE BOYS "The Deep" Teaser (2021)

THE BOYS “The Deep” Teaser (2021)
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  1. Fun Fact: Barely any plastic gets recycled, only around 10% of the first two types as it's not economically viable. The little triangle on them (called a Plastic Resin Identification Code) is to indicate the type of plastic and to fool the public into thinking it's recyclable.

  2. It's literally 1 years and 1month since The Boys Season 2 came out. The Suicide Squad came out July 30th 2021 and Peacemaker already has a spinoff coming in January 2022 (thats 6months apart).. I Understand there is a lot of CGI that's in The Boys but why does it take so long to release the new season?!? I'm almost uninterested because of the amount of time its taking.😩

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