The Crown Season 4 | Costumes of The Crown | Netflix

The Crown Season 4 | Costumes of The Crown | Netflix

From Princess Diana’s wedding dress to Margaret Thatcher’s extraordinary outfits, find out more about the stunning costumes created for Season Four of The Crown. Costume Designer Amy Roberts explores the visual journeys of the characters as they navigate 1980s fashion, with sartorial insight from fellow crew and cast.


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The Crown Season 4 | Costumes of The Crown | Netflix

In the 1980s, Elizabeth clashes with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher while Prince Charles enters a tumultuous marriage with Lady Diana Spencer.

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  1. I'm watching the show at the moment doing catch up and I'm not a royalist.The whole work into the show is brilliant and not just the detail in the clothes…. The Crown deserves an Emmy award in my opinion.

  2. America is so obsessed with Royalty. It is a joke. They fought for independence 1775-83. However, they still want to bring it into their living rooms. Trump and family were typical Americans a few years ago. Family vacation. HAA HAA No wonder the rest of the world mocks Americans.

  3. Nothing like the real Diana wedding dress that dripped in real large pearls & diamonds; the finest silk that creased due to the smallish royal coach-itself a work of art. Her designer walked under her wedding gown for 2 minutes to get the wrinkles out! This is all in the doc.
    Queen Elizabeth’s coronation gown is spectacular even in black-and-white footage. But for TV, it’s commendable.

  4. BIG FLAW THOUGH, diana's David Emanuel wedding dress was pure silk and it wrinkles real easily and the one in the drama is not it's all cheap viscose instead AND WE CAN ALL SEE IT !!!!!! @0@

  5. Royal fashion leaves me flat. I keep thinking of the clown-like clothes of Beatrice and Eugenie, and can't shake those images from my head. It's as if they fell into a bin at a jumble sale, and emerged wearing whatever clung to them.

  6. Diana's theme score isn't getting enough praise for how touchingly true it is to her purity, energy, and charm. Can't wait till Netflix releases the official soundtrack for season 4🙌

  7. Ok, why did Netflix shot just few short scenes of Diana’s wedding?! It’s such an astonishing dress but there is little coverage in the movie! I couldn’t see the entire dress. Season 4 lacks depth in narrative, skipping so many significant moments. It’s like skimming on surface. I wish the season can be longer than 10 episodes… love love the movie, wish it’s longer!

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