The Duchess | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Duchess | Official Trailer | Netflix

Katherine Ryan, fresh off her Netflix special “In Trouble,” came to us with an idea based on her life as a fabulous single mom living in London. Season 1 follows Katherine as she debates if she should have a second child with her estranged and troubled baby daddy. It is meant to be a Catastrophe-like single-cam comedy set in London.


About Netflix:
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The Duchess | Official Trailer | Netflix

Katherine’s a single mom juggling her career, her tween daughter, her relationship with her boyfriend — and pondering getting pregnant with her ex.

Download The Duchess | Official Trailer | Netflix from here:


  1. Why do we find ourselves spending more time looking for a movie to watch then actually watching a movie! Lol
    If you don't believe me go into your continuing watching playlist but just make sure you got plenty of time to go through it! Lol

  2. Omg omg omg this is like a dream come true. I've been rewatching all of her stand up. And she did them all in like a movie or show kinda of thing. I am ssooooo happy. Can't wait. Yessssss. Also, she is wearing the same clothes from her different stand ups.

  3. Alone in asking what did I just see…
    I saw her, I thought I'd watch this, what's it about, play trailer. I feel like another Notting Hill is about to occur.
    Aside from the music and some little drops of coherence this feels like someone's fever dream of a trailer.

  4. NETFLIX’S movie “Cutties” hyper sexualizes 11 YEAR OLD GIRLS and makes them twirk while dancing in provocative underwear for the camera to satisfy Hollywood’s pedophelia. If you don’t cancel your subscription today you’re supporting more main stream content like this in the future. This is Netflix encouraging and supporting human trafficking. CANCEL RIGHT NOW

  5. "Oh, wow, according to what I've learned from panel shows, this movie is basically tailor-made for her … oh, uh, it's based on her life." What would life be like with those fancy big brain moments …

  6. Seems like the movie’s message is that young girls should reject religion and modesty, and embrace lascivious clothing, sexual dancing, and uploading it all to social media, especially if it results in financial gain. I’m not surprised at all, as mainstream media encourages all of this, in more subtle ways. The only surprise is that the villain is Islam and not the usual target: Christianity.

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