THE GIANT Official Trailer (2020)

THE GIANT Official Trailer (2020)

First trailer for The Giant.

Download THE GIANT Official Trailer (2020) from here:


  1. Ok, that was the WORST trailer I have ever seen. Absolutely nothing about it made me want to watch the movie when it hits air TV, let alone pay to stream it or see in a theater. Very reminiscent of the shoddy work someone like Shyamalan would do. This trailer probably represents all the action and suspense the entire movie has to offer, the rest is most likely another run of the mill poor attempt at a small town USA love story.

  2. People: "This trailer showed the entire movie. No point watching it now"
    Same People: "I've no idea what this movie is about because the trailer doesn't reveal anything"
    FFS 🤦🏽‍♂️

  3. And you wonder why some movies flop this is why,and it actually looks a good. Movie I say a dark figure in the rain so I. Guessing hes the giant the trailer did Enough to spark a bit of interest but cant hear the dialogue

  4. Congratulations on promoting the need for the editor to go back to school. Audio, vocals must be clear, music is always background. You have lost any viewers for this film. Incidently what the fudge is it about?!

  5. Audio mixing…terrible. The music drones out the monologue. Visuals….terrible. Too dark, no range, just bad. The critical acclaim….shamefully deceptive, the quotes of it been mesmerizing and the like of which has never been seen before, committed a range of red flags; from the quotations been said by unknown critics, to the source being too blurred out that the reader can't identify WHO exactly gave this praise, to there been literally no source named at all.

  6. I'm Not Sure If This Movie Has Anything To Do With Actual Giants But At 1:13 There Appears To Be A Huge Dark Shadow Figure Standing In The Rain And The People Are Looking At It. This Could Be A Somewhat Creepy Original Idea. Not Too Many Horror Movies About Giants That I've Seen

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