THE GIRL BEFORE Trailer (2022)

THE GIRL BEFORE Trailer (2022)

THE GIRL BEFORE Trailer (2022) Gugu Mbatha-Raw, David Oyelowo
© 2022 – HBO Max

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  1. Why aren't the actors wearing masks? If this thing is as deadly as the elite keep insisting it is, actors should be dropping like flies right now, but they're not. What does that tell us? Or rather what should it tell us if we weren't frightened sheep cowering and clinging to imagined "safety" so desperately we'll believe anything the elite tell us to do (that they refuse to do themselves) no matter how ridiculous and counterintuitive. For example, that actors apparently can't catch it while they're working. Of that you can catch it while you're walking to your table in a restaurant and when you're leaving the restaurant, but not while you're eating in the restaurant. What a despicable farce!

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