The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild | Countdown | Disney+

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild | Countdown | Disney+

Get ready for a movie event for the ages! The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild starts streaming January 28. #IceAge

Download The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild | Countdown | Disney+ from here:


  1. I wish could make an HD Digital Blu-Ray and DVD of The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild into the future after it'll be released in Disney+.
    Same thing as Pixar's Soul and Luca has been released on HD Digital Blu-Ray and DVD.
    I'm just saying.

  2. Im So Excited for This !!! I Love The Ice Age Films !!! Im so Ready for This !
    Even If The Animation looks like a Downgrade Compared the 5 Movie Trilogy.
    The Story However Looks like It May be Promising. And even better Then
    Ice Age 5 Collision Course.
    I hope we Also see Rudy the Albino Baryonyx make a Comeback !!!
    R.I.P Blue Sky Studios we will All Still Miss You. 💙
    Hmm…Im gonna do an Ice Age Marathon by Watching all 5 Movies to
    Prepare For the 6th one.

  3. So, now, they go back to the beginning of the timelines in an all-new animated film, "The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild" is coming to Disney+ in next year!!

    Cause the events of the film take place after "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs" and before "Ice Age: A Mammoth Christmas" and "Ice Age: Continental Drift"!!!

    And just in time for the honor of the 20th anniversary celebration of 20th Century Studios' animated masterpiece, "ICE AGE"!!!! And I hope that "The Pagemaster", "Titan A.E.", "Once Upon a Forest" and more will be released on Disney+ in the United States 🇺🇸!!!

  4. I don't even understand why Disney thinks they can continue the franchise without Blue Sky Studio. I honestly think this movie will STINK, but I am still interested to see it. Who Knows? This movie might be the best sequel in A long time.

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