The Minions of Midas | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Minions of Midas | Official Trailer | Netflix

Victor Genovés has an important choice to make. What would you do? The Minions of Midas comes to Netflix on November 13.


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The Minions of Midas | Official Trailer | Netflix

A millionaire publisher gets a blackmail note just as a reporter is about to break a story that implicates him. His decision can mean life or death.

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  1. When will Netflix management cancel this show? Netflix just cancelled Away, about a trip to Mars. It was an ok story, but the story was left hanging up in the air. They did that with The OA and Altered Carbon, both cool shows, as well as others. It would be like going to a library and checking out a book where the last 5 chapters are missing!! But Netflix middle management wanted immediate results so they could give themselves bonuses!! It's a waste of time to watch any Netflix show because they might not fund a complete story, a 3 act play or a story with a happy ending or any ending. Stupid gits! Time to cancel Netflix!!

  2. Dont want to seem rude but wtf is with all these foreign shows, cant they bring in some new ones that are worth a watch and stop cancelling all the other good ones-they make enough money as it is did yall get a notification the price increase coming November-which is OK BUT bring more quality shit to watch PLEASE ! ! !

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