The Mothman Legacy Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Indie

The Mothman Legacy Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Indie

Check out the new trailer for The Mothman Legacy! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: October 20, 2020
Directed By: Seth Breedlove
Synopsis: In Summer 2020 the followup to Terror in the Skies and the direct sequel to The Mothman of Point Pleasant arrives! The Mothman Legacy continues the story of the infamous wave of sightings of a bizarre winged creature which began in the 1960s.

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  1. I grew up just outside of Point Pleasant and encountered a strange creature twice. The first time was in 1994 while partying with friends at the old TNT area. I dismissed it as too much alcohol at the time but then I spotted it again in 2006 while deployed in Iraq. There was no alcohol involved that time and I had 8 witnesses with me. One of the guys even fired at it.
    My parents and my grandmother narrowly escaped the Silver Bridge collapse and my uncle had a run in with the men in black just two days earlier. It scared him so much that he actually moved out of state immediately afterward.

  2. I spent a good portion of my youth in WV visiting relatives for the summer, deep in the Appalachia. When I was a bit older I got into 4 wheeling out there.. There were trails that would go through the woods for endless miles. My brother and I would go mostly at night after drinking. Ive seen more creepy (Blair witch comes to mind) out in those woods than anywhere since. If you've ever been out there you know the feeling when you go to take a piss at the edge of the woods and it's suddenly so dark and dense the hairs stand up on the back of your head. Can't wait to see this !

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