The Ranch: Part 8 | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Ranch: Part 8 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Get ready to take one last ride to The Ranch. Final episodes premiere January 24 on Netflix.

The Ranch, Only on Netflix:


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The Ranch: Part 8 | Official Trailer | Netflix

With Christmas around the corner, Colt, Beau and the rest of the family raise a glass and bid farewell as the series comes to a close.

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  1. Colt changed. He acted more of an actual asshole and Abby was acting like a bitch to him. Colt was less funnier. Rooster’s death/Danny Masterson fired changed him for sure. It showed that Beau was now being nicer and Colt being just like him. Agree?

  2. You fired Danny Masterson because of allegations, not convictions.
    You stocked the last episodes of a sitcom with needless drama.
    You didn't remove the laugh track that the vast majority of your audience despised.
    You hamfisted socio-political crap into a series that decidedly WASN'T political.

    Netflix, you're trash, your originals are dumpster fires, and you're just more of the same Hollywood BS.

  3. This show is really underrated.

    They made honestly a beautiful show about family, middle America and just dealing with tough points in life innovating in giving Netflix a sitcom.

    The final season worked really well and closed it up perfectly. Sad rooster had to leave, but oh well.

  4. The show is very good, but with the departure of Galo the show lost its excitement and direction! they shouldn't have taken it out, I think they should shoot a new series with everyone again.

    JP do Brasil

  5. Just not the same without rooster. Since he left, this Ranch been boring.
    Guess what keeps me watching it is the rude talk of Sam Elliott and Sometimes when Ashton is funny . The story is getting old.
    You can pretty much just say.
    Ashton knock up a girl, gets a ranch, tries to keep it, cost his dads ranch to save him, ashton saves his dads ranch The end

    If part 9 comes up, it better be a really good one

  6. I don't understand how Maggie just turned lesbian out of nowhere. And I was even more confused that Beau, someone who probably isn't the biggest LGBT supporter, doesn't even question her. I kept waiting for him to ask Maggie, "Were you gay the whole time we were married" or "Is this why you wanted a divorce"? She definitely wasn't lesbian when she married Beau. After the divorce, she was attracted to and had sex with the man playing the guitar in her bar. The only explanation is that she's Bi, always has been, but hid her feelings all these years from Beau and their conservative minded town. But that's never addressed, and is clearly done as a way to pander to the left. I have absolutely no problems with gay characters. In fact, two of my favorite shows (The Office and Trailer Park Boys) have prominent gay characters. But I can always tell when characters are made, or revealed to be gay, for the sole purpose of virtue signaling. This is one of those examples, and it makes me cringe.

  7. Oh and netflix is trying so hard with making us feel guilty for owning guns.. keep your communist propaganda away from us. We watch for laughs, not to be political..

  8. Left wing liberal anti gun crap ruined what i thought was a good show. But anything out of ca. Is bound to be laced with that left wing crap . Lets all live in a comune and give all our money to the cause f…. that . All you sobs should move to the former ussr or china . Or middle east see how your life style fits in with them . It wont go well i promise

  9. Una Porquería si queda con la histérica de la esposa… aby creo q se llama, diosss es muy insoportable la mujer creyéndose perfecta y superior, me gusta más heather xq en medio de lo superflua q aparentemente es, siempre de muestra honesta y comprensiva con él 💟 es mi opinión

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