THE SECRET DARE TO DREAM Trailer (2020) Katie Holmes, Drama Movie

THE SECRET DARE TO DREAM Trailer (2020) Katie Holmes, Drama Movie

THE SECRET DARE TO DREAM Trailer (2020) Katie Holmes, Drama Movie
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  1. So Holmes ex husband is a nut job for believing in Scientology but its
    okay for her to be a nut job believing in The Secret? LMAO You know
    they blame rape victims for being raped, it their fault as they
    attracted it. This falls in line with The Celestine Prophecy too. All
    religions are evil. This is as bad as Netflix's pedo movie. Humans
    should be ashamed of themselves.

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  4. So, if a woman gets raped, did she call it to herself? If a child gets molested, did he call it to himself? What are the morals and ethics of The Secret and The Law of Attraction? What is my moral and ethical responsibility in these criminal situations with this hypothetical woman and with this hypothetical boy as it concerns The Secret and The Law of Attraction? Should I help them or should I walk away because they called it to themselves?

  5. Finally watched this movie today, on the first day of release in Singapore!!! As a fan of the book since March this year, I have been counting down to the day where the movie will be released. This movie strengthens my belief in Law Of Attraction ❤️ Thank you Rhonda Bryne, all staff and movie behind the scenes members for another amazing production!

  6. So basically one blue pill beta Male simp marries a single mother with 3 f. u c k trophies(children) and a mountain of debt. Just to have another blue pill beta Male simp sweep her off her feet and take her from the first simp. Well Simping ain't easy!

  7. For those wanting to know…SPOILERS:

    1) Katie's character is a widower and has 3 kids. Jerry O'Connell plays her boyfriend and he proposes to her, and they both get engaged.

    2) Josh Lucas character wants to give Katie a envelope, but keeps failing to do. Always something prevents the envelope from getting to Katie's hands. Josh puts the envelope on her mailbox, but the storm destroys it and the whole thing goes away. I'm not kidding, folks! That happens.

    3) Josh keeps helping Katie and the family for almost the entire movie.

    4) Then suddenly a flashback pops up, showing that Josh knew Katie's husband and they worked together. The dead husband was developing a project, but he died.

    5) It turns out that Josh's character actually saw when the husband died, because they were both in a plane that crashed. He survived, but the husband didn't.

    6) At some point, Katie's mother in law googles Josh's name ( I'm not kidding, lol ) and discovers he had developed the same project the dead husband was working on. So, Kate wrongly assumed Josh stole her husband's idea.

    7) Josh didn't steal anything. He thought Katie's husband had a good project and developed it right after he died, to honor him. So, Josh wanted to give money to her and the kids, because of the dead husband. He wanted to help them.

    8) Katie broke up with Jerry and went on to look for Josh. When she stopped at his house, a woman talked to her ( she assume the woman was Josh's wife and gave up ). However, it turns out that while Katie went to look for Josh, Josh went to look for Katie. Anyway, it turns out that Josh isn't married and the girl is his sister. Katie gets happy and she goes on to meet Josh and then they kiss.

    9) Josh buys a horse to Katie's daughter and everyone ( minus Jerry ) gets happy.

  8. I've just watched it and the guy was very creepy. How the hell did Katie's character know a guy for like 5 minutes and she suddenly let him go to her house and even be with her son alone? That's BS.

    I was expecting for several times, something to go wrong. Kudos to the director, he knows how to build moments.

    I knew the secret was somehow related to the dead husband, but the whole thing was so dull and forced. Katie's mother in law almost put everything to lose, but the movie is overall watchable.

  9. I watched this film tonight. It was better than I expected. I enjoyed it.

    From someone who was a believer turned non believer this film perhaps may have turned the wheels into believing again

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