The Surgeon's Cut | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Surgeon's Cut | Official Trailer | Netflix

They’re philosophers, storytellers and pioneers in their fields. Four surgeons reflect on their lives and professions in this inspiring docuseries.

Watch The Surgeon’s Cut, only on Netflix December 9th.


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The Surgeon’s Cut | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. मेरे पापा के लिए दुआ करो प्लीज उनकी तबियत बहुत खराब है ऊपर वाला करे आप करे आप लोगों का भी मम्मी पापा सलामत हो 💅💅

  2. I'm a female maxillofacial surgeon. Its a dental specialty. I fix broken faces and remove tumors of jar bones. I love every single day of my job. And if I have a chance to do this again, I'll do the same thing. Only better.

  3. Doctors are life shaving & giving their best to mankind
    But today they are more professional with commercial mindset
    I appreciate Dr Devi Shetty’s revolution in health care & took it to next level

  4. Its always about the surgeon, never the healthcare team. What about the assistants, nurses, techs. Most people dont realize that without the team the surgeons efforts become a death wish. No anestesia, no extra hands, no sterile equipment, no asepsis, etc. But surgeons are always the stars of every show. Goes to show how little they know about the OR and what happens in it.

  5. I'm sooo tired of these shows telling us how cool surgeons are. There are much more people in a team, but they speak only about a surgeon. Hey NETFLIX how about filming about an ordinary nurse who just cares about a patient? Without all this haughty shit like I am a ninja who fights death

  6. Dr .Devi Shetty is my inspiration , so not to give up the medical field I'm preparing for my 3rd time medical entrance (NEET) I'm having lots of pressure from my family and friends but I have hope in myself , I will be a surgeon like him one day , Thank you 😊 Netflix for the documentary.

  7. well i sure hope they would talk about those doctors who suffered burnout, bullying… and those who committed suicide.. just to show the ugly side of that glorious coin of the medical profession..

  8. and this is why doctors and surgeons do what they do. because of the happiness and relief they get to see at the end makes it all worth it. much love and respect ❤

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