THE TAX COLLECTOR Official Trailer (2020) Shia LeBeouf Movie

THE TAX COLLECTOR Official Trailer (2020) Shia LeBeouf Movie

First trailer for The Tax Collector starring Shia LeBeouf.

Download THE TAX COLLECTOR Official Trailer (2020) Shia LeBeouf Movie from here:


  1. The whole movie is in the trailer. Doesn't have a good story line. Pretty basic really. Just a brutal movie which is fine but it just needs more substance. Was good but not rewatch worthy by no means.

  2. This is what david ayer.. is good at telling his own original stories.. i think suicide squad was not for him he is on another level… oak does he own thing he shines

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  4. Let's analyze this:
    1. This glamorizes gang culture and inspires the fragile lower income class kids to pursue a life of crime. Then, their friends and relatives blame police for shooting them…
    2. Today's gang members are not sophisticated Al Capone-esque ruthless businessmen. They are uneducated dummies… the act on a whim and rarely have plans…

    What else do you see?

  5. This is actually a pretty good movie. I enjoy it. Its not the same watching it at your house, as it is at the movie theater. Also is a great bench movie to watc. Ppl just hating.

  6. Yeah trailer man… Its awesome…i wanted watch this series …🤘🏽🏁🤘🏽. … The frustrations of the hero shows explains everything … And i think this show gonna hit hard during this pandemic times 💞💥🦚💥🕵️🏜️🇮🇳 yoO

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