THE WITCHES Official Trailer (2020)

THE WITCHES Official Trailer (2020)

First trailer for THE WITCHES starring Anne Hathaway.

Download THE WITCHES Official Trailer (2020) from here:


  1. the movie looks stupid. by the way, don't kill a mouse! they gotta feed their kids, they gotta eat to live. catch and release that's all we need.

  2. "ya done fucked it up" wtf is this "comedy" with "acting" sprinkled in? Grand high witch is watered down even her rat form 1:52 is her. The first version stuck with me. The story of the girl trapped in the painting one burned to death while other forced to grow old and die in the painting as the witches taunted her as they entered. Have no idea what this over priced cgi cartoon is aiming for

  3. I'm not sure Zemeckis even understands what made the story so frightening in the first place. Those witches are so decked out and so flashy it's obvious what they are right from the start. The book and the Jim Henson movie made them look like ordinary, everyday women and that was the point – you could never tell what they really were until they were after you. And once you knew the truth they were even scarier the more normal they looked. That was the point. But why am I surprised – Robert Zemeckis and subtlety are like oil and water.

  4. I am really disappointed because this movie is going to be almost the exact opposite of both the book and the original movie Definitely not worth watching, at least, in my opinion anyway.

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