THIS IS PARIS Official Trailer (2020) | The REAL Paris Hilton YouTube Originals documentary

THIS IS PARIS Official Trailer (2020) | The REAL Paris Hilton YouTube Originals documentary

THIS IS PARIS Official Trailer (2020). Paris Hilton reveals her secrets in this YouTube Originals upcoming documentary.

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Meet the real Paris Hilton for the very first time in the trailer for the YouTube Originals documentary This Is Paris!

directed by Alexandra Dean
Streaming Premiere September 14


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  1. I feel like she really did have it hard and it makes me sad to see that she's such a plastic mechanical person. But she could've done this ages ago. Not many movies will be released this year and it feels like a rebrand.

    I met this woman and she was an ice cold BITCH. My friend also had a run in with her and Nicole when they were "besties" and they made his night a living hell. The end of that encounter was hilarious though because Paris and Nicole got their karma right in front of him.

    Was she abused? Probably. Has she had a tough emotional or physical scar? Maybe. But that doesn't excuse people who choose to stay ice cold people who are just cruel in nature. Make another documentary but about the kids Hollywood is using up and dumping the bodies. Not Paris Hilton… she hasn't earned the attention.

  2. Fuck that Paris is a nobody. So greedy for fame and money yet she has no talent. And the lame ass ppl who love her obvi know shit about real talent whatsoever 👎🏾🤢🤢🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮🤮

  3. So much judging going on here as though money is the source of happiness. I guess if you believe that you probably don't have any empathy anyways. She is a human being that is just as much vulnerable to abuse, misery, mistakes as well as deserving of redemption as anyone else. If all you can do is bring negativity and misguided, unqualified judgment then why are you wasting your precious time here? Go live your perfect life.

  4. *Kim Possible, Anna Faris, yes Paris Hilton, Debra Messing, Jennifer Connolly, Stephanie McMahon, Bonnie Wright, Amber Diaz and Nyomi Banxxx newest, Marsha Blackburn, Isla Fisher, Imuri Sagiri Anime, Rita Hayworth and Veronica Lake RIP was hot and more, Please SUB!*

  5. If y’all don’t have an interest in Paris, that’s fine, but I don’t get why people are hating so much. Sounds like a story of abuse, and it never hurts to bring awareness to those situations. Hearing/seeing things like this helps people

  6. Paris should have stuck to porn. At least that had some socially redeeming value. This is nothing more than Paris and her agent using their money to manipulate your image of her, so she can continue to make more money. If she is sad about her life (poor little rich girl) it is little surprise–she dwells at the bottom of the capitalist barrel along with the Kardashians and other tabloid ilk.

  7. Why is it the most uninteresting people get their own movie? I’d rather happily pay for a 30$ ticket for a documentary about kelly Macdonald just to listen to her accent.

  8. Good grief. I bet Paris is the executive director producer and sound person on this little tidbit. Something tells me that she paid for this film to rehabilitate her image or something. This will be a hard pass

  9. There is a certain mystique surrounding Paris Hilton!

    Unfortunately alot of people aren't greatly interested in Hilton, because she doesn't really contribute to the celebrity world!

    Such as Rhyanna: Musical Artist
    John Travolta: Producer, Director, Actor
    Johnny Depp: Producer, Director, Actor, musician, Abstract Artist, Painter, businessman
    Leanardo DiCaprio: Producer, Director, Actor,, environmental Activist, artist, businessman.
    Paris Hilton: inherited Business – that's it! In my eyes she doesn't categorize as a celebrity, I'm sure she's a great person, but until she earns the respect by contributing into the celebrity world, she will always be considered as a rich kid, nothing more! I know she stared in a couple of floppy movies and dabbled in Abit of music! But it will never be enough for many people like myself!

    I'm not interested in watching this movie! Everyone has a story, but in my perspective, it all depends on how you lead your life, how you inspire the public eye!

    She's just a rich kid who just wants to get some of that attention, but she never earnt enough to get that attention!

    Thumbs Up 😷👍🇬🇧🇲🇽🇺🇸🇨🇦

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