TICK TICK BOOM Trailer (2021)

TICK TICK BOOM Trailer (2021)

TICK TICK BOOM Trailer (2021) Andrew Garfield, Vanessa Hudgens
© 2021 – Netflix

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  1. I was interested until I saw Lin was involved. I'm so over this one-hit wonder, why do people keep giving this shit-music writer so much work when he got lucky with one thing. He's not that talented especially compared to actually those who have talent over luck.

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  3. Spoiler alert: Hairstyle of Andrew here matches exactly as leaked clip of NWH ( claims by Andrew of not involved is itself Marketing strategy) and "Moondance" is same diner where Mary Jane Watson worked ( reference Spiderman 1 mj Peter meet outside her workplace)

  4. I hate Amazing Spiderman, and the hatred attached to him also. To see him rise after that is a miracle, he is doing a good job. He should try one assassin and one mafia member role some day.

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