Top 10 Netflix Documentaries That Will Blow Your Mind! 2020

Top 10 Netflix Documentaries That Will Blow Your Mind! 2020

Netflix is a great source for watching TV shows and movies. Often overlooked are the fantastic documentaries streaming on their service that sometimes prove that real life can be stranger than fiction. In this video, I’ll show you more than 10 of the most amazing and best documentaries that you can watch right now on Netflix. All of which have never been featured previously on this channel and near end of this video, we’ll have bonus picks we’ve shown in other videos that are still worth checking out.

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  1. FUN FACT: Joe Exotic is not the real singer in the songs heard in "Tiger King". The vocalist is actually Danny Clinton. Sadly he died last year from heart related issues… What is your favorite documentary on Netflix?

  2. I watched tiger king yesterday, now I have started watching wild wild country, tiger king was the first documentary I watched on Netflix, I didn't thought that it will be so entertaining, I think some are better then fiction

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