Here are our top upcoming Horror Movies 2020:

00:00 A Quiet Place 2
02:36 X-Men: The New Mutants
04:58 Brahms: The Boy 2
07:29 Antlers
09:41 The Lodge
11:30 Antebellum
12:30 Color Out Of Space

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  1. I haven't seen A quiet place 2 but from the end-of-the-first I'd wonder if the family hasn't created a schematic to lure in, then acoustically disable and zealously kill as many of the tank-monsters as possible, but, the whole thing has a cloverfield tie-in feel to it.

  2. By 2020, after all these movies were shot and approved for viewing, we'd all be wearing facial masks from an enemy we can't even see – at least without a microscope – and the names "Wuhan, China" would connote disgust and anger. Who would've known?!

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  4. We don't need a sequel to "A Quiet Place", there's nowhere practical left to take the story. X-Men doesn't begin to count as horror and we have way too many fucking X-Men movies already. The second "The Boy" movie plot doesn't really make sense considering the plot of the first film. I'm not even sure what the angle is for "The Lodge". And it doesn't look like "Antebellum" even has a coherent storyline. How are THESE the top horror movies of 2020?

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