TURNING RED Trailer 2 (2022) Pixar

TURNING RED Trailer 2 (2022) Pixar

TURNING RED Trailer 2 (NEW 2022) Pixar
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  1. I'm sadly already a hard no on this. LOL This seems like a girl empowerment thing and sorry but the whole I have to be a red panda thing to be awesome with myself is just kind of irritating. Your inner self doesn't have to be anything other than you so the whole "oh I'm a red panda so it makes me stronger" is more insulting to women rather than "oh shit, I'm fricking amazing just as I am" kind of thing. Disney/Pixar fail.

  2. Going through grade school is hard enough as it is. Having to deal with the fact that you can turn into a giant red panda whenever you get stressed just adds more fuel to the fire.

  3. Isn’t this basically a knockoff on Brand New Animal BNA? Michiru is a main character who one day transforms into a raccoon and eventually learns how to change back into her human form, but can also use her animal characteristics to transform into other animals and borrow them for different tasks. Also she got her power from a blood transfusion. Other than how she got her powers, then this movie is a definite rip off. The anime is made by studio TRIGGER

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