UNCLE PECKERHEAD Official Trailer (2020) Horror, Comedy Movie

UNCLE PECKERHEAD Official Trailer (2020) Horror, Comedy Movie

First trailer for uncle peckerhead.

Download UNCLE PECKERHEAD Official Trailer (2020) Horror, Comedy Movie from here:



  1. Excellent movie! Watching it now. Great cast, especially "Peck." A great blend of comedy, gore, and a bit of social commentary as well. If you liked Green Room or Straight Edge Kegger, this is your movie!

  2. Will add to my must watch movie list. Looks promising. Finally seen it and was not a bad film. Like the characters, had some comedy. The gore was very good. Blood was a very deep red colour. Overall a nice package of a film. And the music rocked. 5/5

  3. Oh look another comedy horror bullshit… Im seriously done with these comody horrors or comedy zombie films.. Im fucking done man.. They just take the life out of all the actual scary and zombie movies… They make it less scary.. I just need a zombie film where we can feel the doom(bfg intensifies) of these films.. Like the impending doom and hopelessness and same goes for horror movies. Instead the shit jumoscares and lazy typical horror movie plot i need some backstory and some flavour to the supernatural force.. Its all bullshit Hollywood is a complete utter joke.. Remakes and sequels and typical shit plot in all genres…

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