Unhinged Trailer #2 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers

Unhinged Trailer #2 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers

Check out the official Unhinged Trailer starring Russell Crowe! Let us know what you think in the comments below.
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US Release Date: August 21, 2020
Starring: Russell Crowe, Caren Pistorius
Directed By: Derrick Borte
Synopsis: A woman becomes embroiled in a violent case of road rage after honking at the wrong guy.

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  1. violence and retribution" are required on Earth because human beings are such horrible creatures that few comprehend basic respect for humanity. A quick perusal of any comments section on the internet will show you just how despicable human beings can be. This is why people spend their lives trying to amass power, so that they can impose their will on other human beings through fear. Hence, the Machiavellian proposition, "would you rather be loved or feared." Me, I'll take fear all day as human beings will only respect things they truly fear. The only way you can ever get any type of true respect in this world is for other human beings to fear you on some level. Otherwise, you'll have to settle for love and that's not all that pleasant as human beings are known to kill things that they love.

  2. This movie is not trying to win an Oscar, it is purely for entertainment purposes. After 5 months of no movies, I'll take sitting in a theater for 2 hours mindlessly enjoying myself while turning off the rest of the world. Yes please 😁

  3. Watched the movie it was beyond horrible its like a poorly made lifetime movie all the lady had to do was apologize and move on with her life especially having her son with her swallow your pride and move on with your life even the story line was like it was written by a small kid making stuff up on the way and the car crashes super unrealistic cars flying all over the place lol 😂

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