UPLOAD Trailer (2020)

UPLOAD Trailer (2020)

First trailer for Upload starring Robbie Amell

Download UPLOAD Trailer (2020) from here:



  1. крутая задумка, но почему дак дешего, вот есть же норм сценарии и фильмы, они вваливают бабло во всякие форсажи и прочую херню ппц! сюда бы вложили на 100 лямов больше, был бы топ фильм!

  2. No idea if this show will be any good or not but this concept of mind uploading has been around for awhile, even prior to Black Mirror's episode San Junipero which a lot of commenters have referenced, and I think it will be interesting to see this concept further explored in media over the decades to come. Many transhumanists like Ray Kurzwweil and Nick Bostrom even believe that with Moore's law we will even see it occur this century. Whether it happens this century or the next, I do think it's very likely to occur at some point. We all want immortality. As a society we constructed religion as a safety net against death and oblivion. This is the logical next step that we construct a virtual world to replace the afterlife construct in our religions.

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