VIOLET Trailer (2021) Olivia Munn

VIOLET Trailer (2021) Olivia Munn

VIOLET Trailer (2021) Olivia Munn
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  1. That voice…….its literally the voice of the devil himself, whispering to the ears of your mind. The biggest mistake though is to answer that voice back, because thats the trap. Once you start a dialogue with that voice he's got you suckered in. The answer is to not reply, not engage, ignore it. Theres a story in the Bible of Jesus in the wilderness, fasting for 40 days and the Devil comes to him and tries the same crap as he does with all of us. Jesus didnt engage in a dialogue with him, he just quoted scripture and this is what defeated the devil.

  2. I am convinced OLivia Munn is the HOTTEST Woman on the Planet… Literally Everything about her is amazing! Her personality, her smile. Ive been in love with Olivia since Attack of the Show… Marry Me! <3

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