VIVARIUM Trailer 2 (2020)

VIVARIUM Trailer 2 (2020)

Second trailer for Vivarium starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots

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  1. “That’s nature. That’s just the way things are.” Dead wrong. In nature, there is chaos, there is variety, there is conflict, there is purpose. In Vivarium; perfection. Horrifying, incomprehensible, maddening perfection, made for an imperfect couple.

  2. everyone says "they got anxiety or something after watching this"
    for me, I was anti-social i hate people and this fucking world but now i love everyone yah without they I'm nothing. (Luckdown and this movie is perfect for me)

  3. What really terrified me was how the parents felt obliged to raise a kid who was so alien, he seemed to obey everything else but his own parents. Not to mention the couple lacked the mental and material resources used to raise the kid in their image. This really makes me think who’s really controlling the youth of the world, our parents, or the unseen entity we call society?

  4. The movie is watchable. (Mild spoilers): it doesn't try to be overly cryptic and almost from the beginning you can sort out what is all about (unless you are not very analytic) and there is a huge clue just from the start. Thus, you have to analyse the execution and is neat, well done. You won't be surprised, everything forms a circle, the characters are trapped not only by circumstances but by their human (important) nature and even if they didn't the trap has no escape. There is a bitter taste in the end but, as the movie, through the main character clarifies to a little girl: "that's nature". If there is something you can take away from this movie is the wise reminder that we, as humans, suffer from "perspective diseases" that are called anthropocentrism and anthropomorphism that makes us think that, if that was the case, other intelligent beings would think, behave and even "feel" like we do as a forced correlation to their intelligence, when that would not be the case, at all. I think that someone once said that worse than the uncertainty of not knowing highly intelligent alien life would be knowing highly intellingent alien life.

  5. This movie is strangely identical of two episodes from the sixth season of the X Files, the first is "Monday" Mulder is caught in a time loop on that specific day and the other episode is "Arcadia", an exaggeratedly friendly society with perfect and scrupulous housing standards. But with a disturbing secret. A Tibetan god who is summoned to keep unruly neighbors at subdued.

  6. I watch one time never again great actors but ending stupid I was thinking she was going to least escape from that limbo! But she died stupid movie person must be on drugs made this garbage!

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