WandaVision Official Trailer (2020) Marvel TV Series HD

WandaVision Official Trailer (2020) Marvel TV Series HD

WandaVision Official Trailer (2020) WandaVision Trailer, Marvel TV Series HD
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  1. Put it on Disney+ and might get a subscription… I don't want to pay too much tho, cause if I get charged too much… I'll cancel my subscription the second I've seen the credits start to roll on the last episode… And that's a promise.

  2. Things I'm hoping to see in this series:
    -Loki in his real form and using his frost giant powers.
    -Some exploration of Loki's habilities in his asgardian form, incluiding his physical strenght and magical powers (apart from the one's we've seen in the movies).
    -Loki using his shapeshifting powers to turn into other Marvel icons apart from Captain America.
    -Loki occasionally turning into Lady Loki and being a really bad bitch.
    -Loki being openly a part of the lgbt community.
    -A real and honest father to son conversation between Loki and Odin were the both of them discuss the bad things they've done (yeah I know that Loki did terrible things but Odin was a shitty father too).
    -Loki being a really sassy, smart and mischievious motherfucker.
    -(okay this one is really stupid and I don't think it's even posible, don't judge me) Loki saving the Loki from the original timeline somehow.
    -Loki's past, his childhood, his relationship with Thor, Odin and his mother back then when he was a kid and how the evilness started to grow inside him.
    -The fucking snake story, we all need to see that, admit it.

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