WAR OF THE WORLDS Trailer (2020) Alien Horror

WAR OF THE WORLDS Trailer (2020) Alien Horror

WAR OF THE WORLDS Official Trailer (2020) Alien Horror

PLOT: Set in contemporary France, this Anglo-French reimagining of H. G. Wells’ classic in the style of Walking Dead follows pockets of survivors forced to team up after an apocalyptic extra-terrestrial strike.

CAST: Léa Drucker, Gabriel Byrne, Adel Bencherif

DIRECTOR: Howard Overman

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  1. Not a great trailer to be 100% honest, was expecting far better use of previous material to see how else another studio could take an original idea and further improve upon it. Instead this trailer falls short to being similar to the failure which was Birdbox. I understand the infinite possibilities of representing suspense in a monster or sci-fi orientated flick but the imbalance in this trailer is drastic. It feels like the studio behind this thought that no one knows what WoTW really is? Or what it could imply? It is truly disappointing to not see a representation of the antagonist/alien that the world in this movie will be dealing with. Instead, it will be a cheap drama filled movie with how "humans" are the real monsters like if we have not seen it done a million times over. This trailer could improve so much more if it provided a balance between the drama between people, and the alien provoking it. A successful adaptation with this strategy in my opinion is used within the movie titled: "The Mist".

    Tbh this is awfully disappointing, expected something better.

  2. Jeff Wayne's Version Is The best Version, I Met David Essex Many Years Ago, He Signed My Vinyl Copy For Me, He Also Made A Point In Telling Me That Richard Burton Only Wanted To Do A Spoken Word LP, However It Was He (David Essex) Who Convinced Him With The Help Of Other Musicians & Jeff Wayne To Do The Musical Version….

  3. Oh… Another modern day adaptation that's been done to death. You know what I want to see? How it was in the book. It was set in the 1890s folks. Imagine that shit happening back THEN! That? Is a movie.

  4. Terrible script , terrible storyline terrible acting, what more can I say. The British have got to stop making adaptations of this classic because they butcher it every time.

  5. the risks are ever changing

    the need to know

    time of no measure

    defence of all kind including the minds

    defence = defense = ARE LIFE !

    we are as important as any advanced civilizations in existence and throughout the space time equilibrium
    …. including the very advanced

    so as everyone here on earth

    make no mistake of these !

    for each individual an equivalent of billions of years in the making

    at full nodes of….
    natural growth from the early chaotic universe…. until now

    data are unsaturated in key aspect of physics

    be aware

  6. Could be foregiven ,that its a faux alien invasion ,weve got the technology to do that by smart bots to reduce the population, to a containable level.The elites could do it easily and no one would ever now

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