WE Official Trailer (2021) Sci-Fi Movie

WE Official Trailer (2021) Sci-Fi Movie

First trailer for WE (Мы) starring Yuri Kolokolnikov.

Download WE Official Trailer (2021) Sci-Fi Movie from here:



  1. A small little technical detail will help a lot as the title "WE" is far too short to distinguish from hundredths of others and the BOOK of the Russian author isn't even cited!
    Why not at least show his director ([FR] son régisseur)?!??

  2. With the 16+ in the lower corner and the poor quality, this appears more as a video game that a film fit for the classic novel that obviously desirves more effort than this tripe.

  3. The movie is based on a Yevgeny Zamyatin's classic novel 'We', written in 1921 in response to the increasing dogmatic governance of the Bolshevik party. It is a critique of Soviet communism and totalitarianism in general and even goes into serious debate on free will, human soul and happyness at the cost of freedom and individuality. It's a short but excellent book which went on to influence 1984 and A Brave New World. Arguably the first dystopian book of its kind

  4. Актуально. Только победителей не будет). Разум это контроль. Сердце это душа и жизнь. Жить сердцем, это жить верой

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