What Are Family Annihilators? | American Murder: The Family Next Door | Netflix

What Are Family Annihilators? | American Murder: The Family Next Door | Netflix

The FBI calls them “family annihilators” and they’re the most common type of mass murderer in the U.S. But these killers are notoriously difficult to study. Family life is private, and these crimes rarely leave behind any witnesses. Here’s a look inside the minds and motives of family annihilators.

About American Murder: The Family Next Door
Using raw, firsthand footage, this documentary examines the disappearance of Shanann Watts and her children, and the terrible events that followed.

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What Are Family Annihilators? | American Murder: The Family Next Door | Netflix

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  1. I know she didn’t deserve to get murdered, but Shannon Came across as controlling and annoying not to mention completely lacking in privacy by posting their entire life on Facebook

  2. Unfortunately, this will just continue to INCREASE:
    -People generally are getting more stressed.
    -Men are disenfranchised by the family courts when it comes to divorce.

  3. The neighbor nailed knowing the husband's behavior, he was always quiet, but now he is talking a mile a minute. Nexflix really produced a great story.

  4. I think Nichol (the mistress) was involved somehow, the About Crime Podcast looks into her and says some shocking details about her. Looks like she lied in her police interview.

  5. They often go underground LITTERALLY also set up a scenario to were it looks like they bin victemized by there victems it's a family of killers all in on it. Usually there all female famliys and the fathers trying to show trust nobody but that's a bit psycho. The dad's just lost his mind around all that pms lol

  6. So many of these signs are in so many families. I just know if I ever want a divorce I’ll be sure to get my kids and pets out before I announce it. I don’t trust any man.

  7. I’ve been obsessed with this case when it happened. The documentary brought it alllll back for me. I read probably 75% of the public discovery pages. Does this not make anybody afraid of getting married, starting a family? Gosh this makes my trust issues worse.

  8. One of the moments that made me so angry in the documentary is when people where joking about how it was the wifes fault. That she looked like a bitch and she probably drove him to murder her. If was awful to hear random people just talking shit about her.

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