What to Watch: Favorite Summer Blockbusters ft. Ash Crossan | Weekly Ticket

What to Watch: Favorite Summer Blockbusters ft. Ash Crossan | Weekly Ticket

Check out newly announced release dates, which movies are coming to home video this week, and recommendations from your host Khail Anonymous and Entertainment Tonight’s Ash Crossan in this new episode of ‘Weekly Ticket’!
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  1. Wonder Woman could have been great instead of just good but needed more shameless eye candy. Something about newer movies trying to be a shame of fanservice of actresses really takes away grandness and all in feel of movies.

  2. wonder woman 2 will be a blast,Gal Gadot plays the character to a T,cant wait to see the sequel,about spiderman,yep,the 2002 movie was the best in my opinion,some of the new movies have too much change in them,a female thor wont do for me,even the name "love and thunders"is like a name for a p*rn movie,another big mistake is dometicating the hulk
    it was his baby words that made it the hulk,now he's just an oversized green man,fully clothed,with glasses?,waititi,not the best man for the job,as i see it,he wants to make every male character feminine,maybe of his own feminine traits,this will bring many such movies down,there are enough fiminine roles to play (wonder woman,black widdow,scarlet witch,etc wich i like very much btw),and if this is not enough,invent some more,but leave the masculin characters alone

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