What to Watch: Underwater, Wendy | Weekly Ticket

What to Watch: Underwater, Wendy | Weekly Ticket

Check out newly announced release dates, which movies are coming to home video this week, and recommendations from your host Khail Anonymous and Fandango correspondent Nikki Novak in this new episode of ‘Weekly Ticket’!
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  1. Sorry but Bad Boys 3 was nothing on the first two movies, one of those films they shouldn’t have made, not sure who’s paying you but had to turn off yr video at that, won’t come back

  2. Idk what everyone hated about underwater but I completely enjoyed it! Great concept, in a setting that creates an atmosphere of total isolation, had a good twist, and those who hated the ending probably more so hated the type of ending the movie went with as opposed to this one in particular. Unless they favored a much more grim ending? Idk, im a bit curious myself, but I suppose no movie is for everyone.

  3. Underwater is just a joke…trust me. Someone said that he rather watch the 29th time THE ABYSS instead of rewatching Underwater. I have seen it and it is a waste of time. Good ideea gone horribly wrong.

  4. i didnt like underwater at all , boring , no acting or proper story , you wont be engaged by these actors nor feel anything towards them , the only cool thing about the movie is the suits

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