Why Are They Still Making DRAGONHEART Movies?

Why Are They Still Making DRAGONHEART Movies?

A legitimate question.

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  1. Yeah all of y’all are dumb who dislike the sequels, I grew up watching these movies myself and I loved everyone of them, especially since we get to watch and learn about Draco’s siblings.

  2. simple their still is folks like me that love the dragon heart movies so it simple to explain why they are still making dragon heart movies , and this one with a female dragon in it just made it better to me , i do not know about everyone else , but i loved the movie , and i love the female dragon in it , and yes im a dragon lover .

  3. I watched that movie with my husband yesterday, can't believe I put my money to get the DVD without knowing it's on Netflix platform. So many stuff sucked about it. Shapeshifting, animations of dragon's face and silly motions of it, dialogs, and oh my god, the acting of these guys was just really painfull to watch. And now, with the dragon not dying at the end, and with her being a FEMALE I'm afraid they will make another few movies that will recall to her laying a clutch of eggs and each baby dragon will have a movie take…

  4. I don't mind all the Dragonheart movies. There are not any good Dragon movies out there. I really did like the 5th one. The only thing I find funny about the Dragonheart movies is the dragons got smaller. Lol.

  5. I watched it, acting sup-par choreography was shity. The sword sheaths were floppy once the swords came out (giggity). The comedy was still present and there was alot of fan service. Siveth's character was done nicely and some of the story highlight were gripping. But just some of the acting was bad it was hard to get invested into the movie.

  6. I just watched all of the movies over the course of the week and I'm actually really, REALLY surprised with how much I enjoyed the modern ones. I just finished Vengeance an hour ago and was legit surprised. And while yes the second film had a much lower budget and way too many characters IMO, I can forgive it for expanding the Dragonheart universe on it's own by implying that other dragons lived in other parts of the world. With the Drago films implying that seven dragons scattered across the lands, I think we can expect to see more films that maybe dig into other cultures. I think that'd be pretty neat.

  7. I loved the first one, I've seen over a thousand times. I also enjoy the 2nd one, it's fun and the ending scene with the dragon battle is a treat to watch. The rest of the series isn't so bad. I was shocked to discover that they were prequels. In 3 when Drago falls from the sky with eggs, I had thought he was bringing new dragons to the world after Drake. Number 5 is my favorite after the 1st one. It feels like if it had had more money it could have been good. The acting is good and the two leads play off each other well. The Dragon is a treat, but whoever designed her doesn't know anatomy. Her mouth sets above her cheeks, instead of resting in the curve of them, like any normal creature in nature.

  8. I really don't care about the sanctity of clasic movies. After all, if not for seven samurai, there would be no magnificent seven. But dam, why make them cheap pieces of crap.

  9. So, I only recently got into the series… and my god I really wasn't expecting the other movies… But honestly, I don't mind… they might be low budget, sure… and I understand that there are glaring issues in the movies… but… quite honestly I don't really mind? I guess honestly, I'm intranced by the world and the dragons. I absoultely adore watching the dragons on screen! They are pretty realistic, and I genuinely find myself cheering and crying for each one that's on screen for each movie… I kinda want this series to keep going because I just got into it, and I'm honestly hungry for more… would I recommend that everyone drop what they're doing and go watch it? No! Definitely not! It's not that good, the stories aren't really amazing, they are suitible at best and ok at worst. Nothing in this series will make you go "Wow" other than the dragons and their animations… but really, if you're not looking for realistic portrayals of dragons… you really should look elsewhere… but if you're really interested in witnessing fully realized realistic dragons… then look no further in my opinion! In other words… it's a charming series even with its low budget, and it has its fans, and really if the series isn't going down the "VERY bad and just a cash grab" route… then I really don't see much of a harm in keeping it around, especially for those of us who genuinely love the series!

  10. Dragonheart no doubt was the best in the franchise. A New Beginning: I still love almost as much as the first but I grew up with it so I’m biased. Dragonheart 3 was awful. Dragonheart 4 was okay. Dragonheart 5 was actually sweet, it had the charm I expect from a Dragonheart movie.

  11. I just watched Battle for the Heartfire, and it was actually pretty good. I'll probably check out Vengeance too. I still haven't watched 3. I saw the first five minutes and was immediately bored.

    I didn't have a problem with 2, but maybe that's because the last time I watched it was when I was a kid. I'm going to watch it again and see if I can see past my rose tinted glasses or not, but I doubt that I could ever hate it. Still, the original is always the best.

  12. From Wikipedia:

    In a 2013 MTV interview about his then-upcoming film 5-25-77, DragonHeart creator Patrick Read Johnson expressed a desire to remake the film with Sean Connery and Liam Neeson, who was the original choice for the role of Bowen before Johnson was fired from the project.[33] In April 2016, Matthew Feitshans, screenwriter of Dragonheart 3 and Dragonheart 4, stated that Universal wants to use the prequels to keep up the film series' momentum, mentioning the possibility and the hopes of them leading to a big-budget remake of the original film.[34] In 2017, Dragonheart was listed as no. 8 on WatchMojo.com's list of "Top 10 Movie Remakes We Actually WANT To See." [35] In 2018, Patrick Read Johnson reiterated that he was still interested in the project, "I would love to give that a go."[36]

    So, they want to keep up the interest in the franchise for a remake. Sounds ok to me! I loved the film when it first came out but find it really cheesy now.

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