WONDER WOMAN 1984 "HBO Max" Trailer | NEW (2020) Gal Gadot

WONDER WOMAN 1984 "HBO Max" Trailer | NEW (2020) Gal Gadot

WONDER WOMAN 1984 “HBO Max” Trailer | NEW (2020) Gal Gadot A new era of wonder begins. For the first time ever, Wonder Woman 1984 will release in …

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  1. The existence of Gal Gadot really makes me believe that people with massive, congenital deformities shouldn't happen. If there's a god, you need to pick one or the other. But you can't make some people born looking like her while others end up like the Elephant Man.

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  3. I still hope I will manage to see this in the small window it can be in theatres as my country don´t have HBO. But people if this movies can´t make money in theatre you bet we may have to pay 5x the amount for this streaming service for new movies like WW84. Or else say godbye to special effects and well paid movie makers.

  4. ¡Dioooooosssssssssss! Una obra maestra, mujer maravilla, Gal Gadot perfecta, Patty Jenkins la visionario, dos villanos espectaculares, aún en cuarentena demostrará que es capaz de sobresalir a pesar todas las dificultades.

  5. They better use music from 1984 that was a fun year i was 9 years old in Chicago and I hope they use The theme from the TV series from 78 -79 ending The Disco one showing the end credits towards the end roll

  6. So, has Hollywood been active in any capacity since the pandemic hit us, up until now? Like are actors, directors, crews, etc. working on new movies? Are previously started movies being worked on? Have any theatres been open anywhere? I have not heard how the virus has effected all aspects of the movie industry. Thanks

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