WORDS ON BATHROOM WALLS Trailer (2020) Charlie Plummer, Teen Movie
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  1. This trailer alone has made me cry so much. Growing up with "dark" mental illness, I grew up thinking I was pretty unlovable and knowing how hard it was to accomplish goals when I was afraid of nonexistent beings constantly with me and in my head and how ostracized I was, how alone I felt, how scared I was as a kid believing I was both never enough and all too much for people and with no one understanding. I put this trailer on for my dad and halfway through I was already sobbing trying to express how this movie makes me feel with it being the very first teen OR love story I have EVER EVER EVER been able to truly see myself within the characters of. I can't even type this comment without tearing up.

    Right now, I have a loving partner who has been helping me and reassuring me and supports my goals and dreams in life and finds my light in what I see as the darkness of the disorders, and I just. I grew up knowing I was "Abormal, the end," too but my friendships and relationships made me see I could thrive in the same ways others could.

    I can't tell you how much this trailer, a mental health themed movie that looks to be without horribly misrepresented, genuinely had me breaking down in front my loved ones because this is the truth of so many people who have never seen themselves in a protagonist before. The examples of the hallucinations also heavily echo the panic, and darkness, and paranoid psychosis I would also feel when I was still in school and suffering alongside others who I knew I would never quite function like.

    I hope it doesn't have any hidden stereotypes and stigma in it other than in the lessons themselves. I can easily see this being my number one favorite movie in a heartbeat if the whole movie does it as much justice as the trailer seemed to.

    I cannot wait to see this with my partner, too. 😭😭😭😭

    You deserve to thrive just as much as anyone else. I hope this movie can teach young kids clinging to hope of making it through the darkness of unmanaged mental health that they truly can and get to thrive with people who love them just as much.

  2. Yeah it doesn't work like this when you aren't a young attractive person. Or when your paranoid hallucinations are spitting on you and molesting, assaulting etc. Or when you think you're god somehow like most schizophrenics do. Then you don't get the girl or job or anything.

  3. I don't have schizophrenia, but I do know how it is to be treated like you do. It is terrifying, knowing you're closest friends just turn their back on you like you don't exist.

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