World's Most Wanted | Official Trailer | Netflix

World's Most Wanted | Official Trailer | Netflix

Heinous criminals have avoided capture despite massive rewards and global investigations. This docuseries profiles some of the world’s most wanted.

Watch World’s Most Wanted Season one, only on Netflix:


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World’s Most Wanted | Official Trailer | Netflix

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  1. I subscribed to Netflix and made an whole account to particularly see this show, the first episode and I can tell you it’s complete garbage and a waste of time. I wanted to see what interesting things they would mention of Mayo Zambada and they talked nothing interesting about him, just plain old photos. They mention a recorded call they have of him with his incarcerated son and they don’t even show 3 seconds of the call. Waste of time .

  2. Isi nireke dufatanirize hamwe dufate abicanyi bagiye bakora amabi bacyidejyembya hanze, babafate babiryoze, nukuri ibihugu bibacumbikiye bidufashe nukuri batabwe muri yombi, kuko amafranga batanga kugirango badafatwa ntacyo yabamarira barasize bavukije ubuzima bwa bene wacu, amahanga mudufashe rwose turabasabye, kdi turashimira abakoze iyi filme, mutuvuganire cyane rwose, kuko jenoside yakorewe abatutsi hano mu gihugu cyacu cy'u Rwanda yadutwaye abacu twakundaga, mudufashe bafatwe abantu Bose babigizemo uruhare. Murakoze murakarama

  3. Drug users are killing themselves well most unless you are victim of human trafficking then thats very sad so i think all these special agents should spend my money getting those guys
    they go into countries looking for drug cartels instead of going to free slaves of many trades
    big money can afford big drugs and many innocent children or young adults
    why dont they ever go to places that the opposing party that wants to rule kills innocent people
    india too has many millionaires yet children are in streets barely surviving shame on the caste system they did not learn from being slaves to britain seems no one has!!!

  4. This documentary was really good, just take a look how it’s edited: In some scenes you just see a telephone and a lamp or the trivial pictures of a city by night, but with the music and the cuts it is so thrilling…

  5. Kabuga, aged 84, was captured in Asnières-sur-Seine, near Paris, France, on 16 May 2020 after 26 years as a fugitive. French authorities have expressed desire to see him tried for crimes against humanity committed against the Tutsis of Rwanda. He was arrested by French police as the result of a joint investigation with the IRMCT Office of the Prosecutor,[21] assisted by Interpol and law enforcement agencies in Rwanda, Belgium, and the United States.[19] On 3 June 2020 a court in Paris approved to hand Kabuga over to the ICC.[22]. I feel happy this monster will die in prison

  6. I find this disturbing seeing as the U.S is the one profiting and making money from these people. While these agents fight with their life to try and stop people our government is protecting. Money rules all not people’s lives

  7. I watched all of this in one day and it was absolutely crazy. I need more docs like this! Seriously if you watched this recommend anything for me

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